The “Catalog”

Gosau (5.1% ABV, 14 IBUs)

A golden classic hefeweizen brewed to taste like the German beers of old and infused with pilsner grain from Ohio Valley Maltster, Haus Malts. In 2002 The Professor traveled to Gosau, Austria. A small town, Gosau has a small market, church, cemetery, and a ski resort he called home. One cold night, The Professor and his English roommaetes sat at the “pub” and demanded a round. “Gross” the bartender asked? The Professor looked at his mates and they whispered “Large”. The Professor replied “YES!” There it was a gross glass of hefeweizen, the sweat nectar of the gods!

Transistor Tower (6.6% ABV, 49 IBUs)fullsizeoutput_52f

A NZ style IPA dreamed up at the peak of Mt. Taranaki outside the town of New Plymouth, north island, NZ.  Overtired from his long journey to the great Isle, Professor Fusion assented this amazing peak featured in “The Hobbit” movies and reached the top in little over 5 hours. Awestruck by the amazing view and the thirst for matching amazing beverage, the Transistor Tower was created. The name a destination point taken from a destination point on the peak trail, Transistor Tower is a true reflection of the NZ IPA containing Montueka and Nelson Sauvin NZ hops infusing a strong American pale brewers malt grain base. A beer that truly pops in your mouth, a must for the true IPA seeker.

The Brine

28283E04-7F95-47DC-8F12-D9642559FE1AA tradional 80’s style American Ale.  The Brine is a medium bitter ale with a medium malt backbone and hopped exclusively with Kentucky grown Cascade hops from Professor Fusions own yard.  This medium bodies, hoppy, lightly malted beer is the result of Professors Fusions hands on experience with all things beer. It wasn’t that long ago that Professor Fusion’s had the ingenious idea to grow hops in his yard. In awe and panic as these plants grew up his house and took over his exterior wall, Professor Fusion needed a mechanism and excuse for the plants growth. AHH, use the hops to grow a Lexington, KY exclusively hopped beer to understand the local crops “terrior”. It was then that The Brine was born.


Conversation Piece (4% ABV, 33 IBUs)

This rich American Pale Ale (APA) is a great summer drink for the patio here at the brewery or at home on the porch or patio grilling out. Every sip is full of classic American citra and  simcoe hops layered on top of a rich malty base of Marris Otter, Munich, and Caramel malt. Light and full of flavor the Conversation Piece is delight from spring through fall.

RIS #001 (9.8% ABV, 75 IBUs)

RIS #001 is anything but a just a brew number. This Full bodied, roasty, Russian Imperial Stout (RIS) brings bold flavors to palet. A proverbial oops, the RIS #001 was born from the ashes of another beer long ago. Through steady refinement RIS #001 has emerged with a roasty, chocolate, malt body that has alasting slightly bitter finished. Brewed in with traditional english yeast, the RIS #001 says pub beer all over it. A toast to the stouts of old and a crazy grandmother who only drinks the dark beverages of her ancestors.

Stange Days (5.2% ABV, 26 IBUs)

Stange Days is a classic Czech style Kolsch with a rich golden hue, dry, with a bitter finish. Mostly Pilsner malt with a touch of Vienna malt and classic Spalt Hops, this classic is a welcome deviation from norm. A favorite of our brewer the style fuses the best parts of a Czech pilsner and and Czech Ale.  Give it a go and enjoy the drink served in a Stange glass.

“Fogarea” (6.8% ABV, 28 IBUs)

“Fogarea” is a toast to our brewer Chris Paumi’s New England roots. The beer is a New England IPA (NEIPA) that hits the senses with intense tropical fruit aromas before your nose even hits the rim of the glass. Brewed with copious amounts of Loral, Galaxy, and Mosaic hops, the beer is supported by a solid malt foundation rich with adjuncts.  This malt foundation provides the backbone to let the hops shine and come through with every sip. Reminiscent of the vast array of leaf colors in the New England fall.

Faccia Brutta (7.5% ABV, 25 IBUs)

The name itself stemming from an Italian slang saying from Chris’s grandparents which roughly translates “ugly face”, was a way the family described the cuteness of new born babies.  Applicable to the Brut IPA style where the beer is stripped of much of the maltiness and hits the drinker with a huge pop of hops and aroma and a high ABV.  Unlike its counterpart the NEIPA, the Brut IPA has minimal malt foundation and highlights all that an IPA can offer, Hops and Alcohol. A beautiful beer itself, the Brut IPA, was born in the confines of San Fransisco CA and is a true pleaser for the classic west coast style beer enthusiast.

Lost in Urenui (5.5% ABV, 34 IBUs)

While exploring the southern part of the Northern Island of New Zealand, our brewer Chris Paumi and his wife stumbled upon a small quaint shoreline town of Urenui. So small is the town they actually lost their way. Overlooking the complexities of such a small town is an oversight one might make with this NZ Pale Ale.  Brewed with a classic 2-row base, this beer is brought to life with a hint of biscuit and Munich malts and boasts a combination of NZ hops to provide the drink with a well balance classically made pale ale that provides a mouthwatering experience with every sip.

Jarrylo (6.7% ABV, 24 IBUs)

Jarrylo is the Slavic god of fertility, peace, and summer harvest. As such it is fitting that this “farmhouse” saison is a beer brewed with a base pilsner malt with a hint of locally farmed adjuncts.  This saison is rounded out with a single hop, Jarrylo, the source of the beer name.  Jarrylo provides an extra hint of spice and fruit flavor that rounds out this wonderfully light beer.  A summer favorite for our brewer, this beer is an excellent summer patio drinker, whether with friends and family or just post a hot summer mowing expedition.

Quark (4.7% ABV, 40 IBUs)

Have you ever wondered what really makes up an atom?  If not, no worries.  One theoretical particle is called a quark. What we do know is that it is one of the fundamental parts of the atom. Similarly, the classic English best bitter is a classic beer that help defines the larger category of English Bitter Ales.  Stuck in between an original bitter and an ESB, the best bitter is moderately malty with a balance bitterness provided by an English hop. Our Quark is made from the classic English base malt, Maris Otter, and hopped with English Fuggle hops.  Caramel and Munich malts help provide the classic caramel and nuttiness that is come to be expected in this classic English Beverage.

The Coromandel (5.0% ABV, 41 IBUs)

The Coromandel is a beautiful peninsula to the north of Auckland, New Zealand. With a great selection of beaches, The Coromandel is a favorite destination for vacationing in the summer. As one might expect, with great beaches comes great beers, and in New Zealand this is held true with an overwhelming selection of great light lagers brewed with pilsner malt and a hint of biscuit to provide flavor and a base to display the wonderful selection of New Zealand hops. The Coromandel encompasses everything Chris came to expect and love about New Zealand Lagers and brewed in a “Fusion” style. 

Wit’s End (5.0% ABV, 14.5 IBUs)

It is a small bit of Belgium history that has ultimately led our brewer to name this wonderfully light and fruity Belgium witbier “Wit’s End”. At the end of WWII the witbier style itself was almost lost and only brewed at a handful of old Belgium Breweries. It was at this time that Pierre Celis at his “Wit’s End” decided to make it his life passion to resurrect this classic style.  From its ashes Pierre brought this classic light Belgium beer into the forefront and to be what is now one of the most brewed styles throughout the world. Wit’s End is brewed with a solid mix of pilsner and wheat malts and brought to life through the addition of fresh orange zest and coriander. These additions provide a slight spiciness to the finish and a citrus aroma and taste from start to finish. A wonderful summer and winter beer this beverage will lighten your mood any day of the week.

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